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Atlantic Coast Carriers is Now Hiring Truck Drivers

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What We offer


Atlantic Coast Carriers

We are a privately held trucking company in Hazlehurst, GA..


Wooten Real Estate

"...Why, land is the only thing worth working for, fighting for, dying for, because it's the only thing that lasts. They're not making any more."


Bar W Ranch

3000, acres of farm and ranch land, located in southeast Georgia. We raise Black Angus cattle, We do row crop farming and grow timber throughout the southeast.


Sweetwater Horse Event Park

LOCATION - US Hwy 280 East, 1 Mile west of Oconee River just outside city limits of Glenwood, GA - Address - 137 East 2nd Street


Grandfather Stables

Grandfather Stables offers both private and semi-private lessons for our riders who want more flexibility in scheduling or individual attention.


Wildwood Apartments

Wooten Enterprises owns and manages Wildwood Townhouse Apartments & South Pine Apartments
Located in Hazlehurst, GA
A great place to live and call home.


Storage Trailers

Storage Trailers are available for temporary or permanent storage purposes If you have a need for Storage Van Trailers and/or mobile warehouses, please give us a call.

black angus

Black Angus

We Cater to Commercial Cattlemen Volume Discounts, We can Deliver. We offer pure bred stock; Bulls, Heifers, Stockers

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