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Storage Trailers are available for temporary or permanent storage purposes. These storage Van Trailers are as follows.

45 ft. approximately 3600 cu. ft.

48 ft. approximately 4000 cu. ft.

All trailers have an average height of 14 ft., swinging doors, and can be locked for security.

These Van Trailers are ideal storage and/or warehouses for fast paced business peak season, or change in inventory.

45 ft. $125.00 per month + Tax

48 ft.

$125.00 per month + Tax

The fee for delivery or pickup is $350.00 for each trailer within a 50 mile radius.

If you have a need for Storage Van Trailers and/or mobile warehouses, please give us a call.

Angco Rentals
(912) 375-3366


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